The Viv Storms

Those fortunate enough to witness or adorn the works of fine art jewelry designed and produced by Viv Storms Fine Jewelry will immediately grasp how truly special they are. Featuring stones created by the world’s greatest cold glass artist, each piece of Viv Storms Fine Jewelry radiates with a kaleidoscope of color unparalleled by any gemstone available today.

One might ponder what makes these stones and jewelry line so special? In a process that can take months to complete, each stone is born in the same way as artist Jack Storms’ one-of-a-kind sculptures. Only by layering, grinding, cutting and polishing sheets of optical crystal coated in dichroic coloring countless times over, is Jack Storms able to create the cores that fire his sculptures and now, Viv Storms Fine Jewelry.

Viv’s vision and determined pursuit towards allowing a greater audience access to these truly amazing miniature fine art pieces in wearable form mark the first time such a feat has been accomplished. Truly unique in every aspect from design to creation, every stone exhibits its own unique color pattern in what is the next frontier in the jewelry landscape. Never before have diamonds been outshined…until now.