About Us

Currently, our only retail store is online at www.vivstorms.com.

Our office is located in Miami, Florida, USA.

Warranty and Care

  • Each of our stones is covered by a lifetime replacement warranty in the unlikely event that they should ever become damaged. Regular wear and tear or abusive treatment are NOT covered by our warranty. Please see our full warranty here (insert link to warranty).
  • We do not offer insurance.
If there is an issue with your fine jewelry or should it become damaged, we offer a repair service. To initiate a servicing ticket, please reach out to a customer service representative via the form on our website or by calling our team at 1-888-805-9907.

After having contacted us, we will have you send the damaged piece to our office to have it assessed for necessary repairs. Once assessed, we will let you know the total cost to repair your jewelry.
  • Always protect your jewelry from sharp and dense blows, scratching, extreme heat or cold, direct sunlight and chemicals.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while showering, bathing, cleaning, gardening and partaking in sportive or other vigorous activity that may increase the risk of damaging your jewelry.
  • Avoid having your jewelry come into contact with abrasive cleaning products, nail polish removers, deodorant, creams, perfumes, hairspray and other aerosols and chemicals.
  • Store your jewelry in a clean jewelry box specifically designed for such use.
  • Store your jewelry pieces separately as to avoid having them become tangled or scratched.
  • Wearing your jewelry will expose it to oils from the skin, makeup, soil, dust and more! To ensure that your jewelry keeps its shine, it should be cleaned regularly with a solution of warm water and dish soap as follows:
    • Rinse all soap off with lukewarm water and place the jewelry on a soft towel, gently patting it dry. Allow the jewelry to air dry overnight.
    • Using a solution of warm water and dish soap, soak your jewelry for 10-15 minutes. Ensuring that your hands are clean, remove the jewelry from the solution and rub it with your fingers or a soft, non-abrasive brush.
    • DO NOT use bleach or other chemicals to clean your jewelry.
    • Inspect your jewelry regularly for signs of damage or loose stones.

Placing Your Order

At this time, there is no way to try the jewelry on before purchasing as we are an online retailer only.
Short of visiting a jeweler to have your ring sized correctly, you may use our online sizing guide available here.
At this time, we do not offer custom design services. This service may become available in the near future however.
To process any changes or for the cancellation of your order, please contact our customer service team.
Shipping charges and estimated duties/VAT costs are listed during the checkout process. Free ground shipping is available to US customers.
Unfortunately, we are not selling loose Jack Storms’ fine art crystal stones.
We accept Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Android Wallet, wire transfers and credit cards.

Our Stones and Fine Jewelry

Our silver jewelry is plated in rhodium which guards against tarnishing. We have taken every precaution to assure that our silver maintains its shine over time.
The fine art stones found in our jewelry are produced by world renowned artist Jack Storms.
Contrary to regular crystal jewelry which is cut from blocks of clear crystal, our stones are crafted by the world’s finest cold glass artist, Jack Storms, using the same technique as when creating his fine art sculptures. Each stone takes weeks to create and no two stones are alike. This allows every single creation and piece of Viv Storms Fine Jewelry to be a masterful and unique work of wearable art!
Our stones are made of optical crystal and have a hardness between 6 and 7. They have been rigorously tested for quality and durability to avoid issues from everyday wear. Amongst many tests, they have survived being boiled, steamed, plated and impacted.

While it is difficult to judge how certain individuals care for their jewelry compared to others, we stand by the quality and durability of our products and are certain that you will too.