About Us

To discover the significance of Vivian Weyll’s designs is to discover the significance of her uniquely personal story. Ever driven by an entrepreneurial spirit of perpetual change and continual evolution, her foray into jewelry began as a child in Brazil where she would craft handmade pieces using crystals and stones. These distilled memories remain vivid and beautifully ingrained, fastened to her mind like the radiant jewels crowning each of her distinct pieces.

A story comprised of many stories, all perceptibly different, all intimately connected, Vivian’s journey is woven together through a series of compelling narratives - some borne of childhood, some odes to film and fashion, while others are imbued with the spirit of bygone eras and a love for timeless beauty and luxurious grandeur - each thread representing something powerful and personal, something magically inclined. 

No matter her geographic starting point, Vivian quickly became a devoted citizen of the world, having called many cities home and a myriad of professions her own. A celebrated actress, student of fashion and film, successful curator and publisher of fine arts, mother, wife, divorcee, and liberated spirit constantly in search of self-discovery, Vivian is all of these and more.

Joe de Viv is the embodiment of this reality; the life of adventure, of new beginnings, of discovered landscapes, terrains, and new loves. Gorgeous sculptural creations reflect a multi-faceted existence, each piece encapsulating a roadmap of experience and the endless possibilities of a life beautifully explored. Think of each of her designs as a shining treasury of living fully, without reservation, sans hésitations. 

Inside the DNA of Joie De Viv also lies a deep love for the history, culture, and style of Parisienne splendor. The gleaming gilded domes, the storied couture houses lining the Champs-Élysées, the ancient Cathedrals with their arresting archways and skyward spires, and the colorful shades sparkling over the brilliant City of Lights all feed her imagination. A penchant for the French, timeless aesthetic gleaned from her time in Paris, Vivian’s exacting craftsmanship pairs antiquity with modernity, where spherical gold rings crowned with sparkling stones serve to unite the old and new. Designed for the modern woman, these works of art manifest the future while revering the treasured past.

Storms’ collections are defined not only by technical mastery, but by her deep passion for the natural world and the infusion of the finest materials found therein. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds give her designs texture and colorful scope while reflecting the breadth of her travels. 

Inspired by Pollock, Miro, and Picasso, Vivian incorporates her own intuitive expression into the creative process. Much like these painters and sculptors of times past, she approaches each new piece as if it were a blank canvas, easel, or block of clay. In essence, a source of endless possibility. From her hands unfold masterful creations, each with its own distinct identity, story, and personality, purposefully created to evoke inspiration and joy. For Vivian, jewelry should inhabit and reflect the distinct stories that make up our beautiful, joy-filled lives. That is the story of Joie De Viv.

Live your stories. Live Joie-fully.