About Us

Created by designer Vivian Storms, Viv Storms Fine Jewelry is a luxury line featuring sophisticated fine jewelry creations unparalleled in beauty, class and style. The inspiration to create this fine jewelry line stems from Vivian’s intense love for art and fashion along with her willingness to allow for the mesmerizing work of one of the world’s greatest cold glass artists and former husband Jack Storms to reach an even wider audience than ever before.

One look at any of Jack’s fine art pieces and it becomes obvious that there is a special force at work. With her great vision and aligned nature, Vivian believed that Jack’s art medium could one day be developed and worn as fine jewelry. Given the shear size and weight of Jack’s sculptures and the heavily involved process required to produce the intrinsic kaleidoscopic cores that fuel their brilliance, Jack spent countless hours trying to reproduce the effects from his larger pieces within crystal stones a mere fraction of the size.  After approximately two years of trial and error, the final product was finally achieved and Vivian was able to imbue her shimmering jewelry with the sparkle and radiance of Jack’s fine art crystal stones.

A true labor of love with the unequalled passion and enthusiasm from its designer and creator, Viv Storms Fine Jewelry aims to achieve what was once just a dream. How does one outshine diamonds? A formerly inconceivable notion becomes manifested reality with Vivian’s creation of her fine jewelry collection. Outshine diamonds with jewelry from Viv Storms Fine Jewelry.